Hello Omytxter!

It's been quite the ride since 2011! We are honored to have served your messaging requirements, especially the ability to send free SMS to Globe subscribers through Omytxt!

Times change, and our relationship with our local carrier has evolved. Unfortunately, we are unable to continue the free SMS service from our website.

Please save all your important messages and relevant contacts to your own computers, phones, or online drives,​ as this data ​will all be deleted ​when we discontinue ​the web service ​shortly.

However, we have been hard at work to give you something better. Very soon, we shall ​​introduce a new messaging service that we think you will enjoy using as much as we had fun​ ​creating it.

Thank you for your support​!​

​We look forward to having you on-board the New Omytxt!​

The ​Omytxt! Team Proceed to Old Website